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About Us

FRUITTERRA S.A. is an export company specialized in the field of agriculture and packing fresh fruits such as grapes, apricots, kiwis, cherries, peaches and nectarines.

A team of experienced people staffs all the departments of our company.

In the production, agronomists take care of the fields, farmed with apricots and the vineyards in order to provide a safe product of high quality.

Our facilities, founded in Zevgolatio of Corinth, Greece, cover an area of 14.000 m² and consist of two separate packing units that are certified by the IFS and BRC standards.

All products that our company packs are also certified by the GLOBAL G.A.P. protocol and are tested at all stages of production and packing on a daily basis.

In the Packing House an experienced workforce ensures high quality products for our customers.

Modern facilities and high-tech cooling equipment provides a long shelf-life product, while the Logistics Section guarantees safe and reliable delivery at any destination requested by the customer.